Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Directors Caught plundering YNH Property assets worth RM 422 Million

YNH Property Bhd Directors caught plundering assets worth RM 422 Million in a scam transaction to sell the company's two primary income-producing assets undervalue to the YU Syndicate-controlled company, ALX Asset Berhad. Leaked documents reveal the alleged fraudulent scheme.

YU Syndicate Axes ALX Directors YNH Property is caught Red-Handed

YU Syndicate's leaders replace exposed directors at ALX Assets after being caught in a scandal involving YNH Property Bhd & Rapid Synergy Bhd.

Rapid Synergy Annual Report contains Material and Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Rapid Synergy Bhd's chairman, Yu Kuan Chon, deceived shareholders with fraudulent misrepresentation in the 2021 Annual Report. The company hid related parties to avoid a mandatory takeover offer.

Rapid Synergy Deceives Malaysia Security Commission in a Botched Cover-Up

YU KUAN CHON, Director of Rapid Synergy Bhd, tricks Malaysia Security Commission in a botched cover-up of indirect shareholdings. CHAN WENG FUI, a connected party, has undisclosed substantial shares in the company.

Yu Syndicate Directors swindle RM800 million from Rapid Synergy

Discover how the Yu Syndicate, led by brothers Yu Kuan Chon and Yu Kuan Huat, allegedly swindled RM800 million from Rapid Synergy Shareholders through land scams involving Malaysian public companies YNH Property BHD and Rapid Synergy BHD.

Shady Scheme used to Siphon RM1 Billion from YHN Property Bhd

Delve into the alleged shady scheme used by the Yu Syndicate, controlled by Yu Kuan Chon and Yu Kuan Huat, to siphon RM1 billion from YNH Property BHD through joint ventures involving 18 dead or frozen projects.